Live on The Web Show

Web Fingors broadcasted live from the San Mateo County Fair this evening from 5-7. We attended said fair, and stopped by to say hello. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

We skipped the computer recycling at SBC Park this morning because my wife and I were both too tired to go. We have another opportunity in a few weeks.

We got to the fair at around 4:00. Walked around a bit, saw all of the farm animals and then my wife took a great picture in her Tina the Llama shirt with a real llama.

We saw the first heat of a pig race, then ate a tasty funnel cake. We washed it down with a soft frozen strawberry lemonade. Then I ate a footlong corn dog on a stick. We wandered some more and saw a man on stilts riding on a tricycle. Then we saw the line in front of the “arena” where Sugar Ray would be playing later in the evening. There, in front of the arena was Web. We talked for a few minutes, then we entered the contest for a set of “Whatever” which is a really impressive looking box set of 7 cds put out by Rhino that goes through the entire 90’s with a great companion book as well. We told him we had watched the pig race and he asked us to come back a bit later and go on air and tell the pig race story.

It was our pleasure to go on air and tell the tale as part of 95.7 The Max’s first live offsite broadcast. Maybe we’ll stop by their next live broadcast at the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival… though I doubt we’ll go on air to talk about the drunk people taxicab races.

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