I am a leaf in the wind.

We’ve seen Serenity.

The San Francisco sneak preview was amazing. We got to line about 5:30. There were eight people ahead of us. Seems they were fixin’ to camp there all day. They had dvds, candy, diet coke and some tall cards to play.

Apparently, the tall card game is very similar to draw poker, with a round card that can increase the value of any of the cards you hold of that suit. Hence, making said card(s) “taller”. Looked like fun.

By the end, there were around 40 people in front of us and we still got amazing seats. My wife had a sandwich from Bread and Butter, I had a Honey-cured ham from Quizno’s.

The Universal crew filmed a bit of the fans in line, then they let us venture four floors up to Theater #5 to you know, actually, VIEW the film.

Strangely enough, the movie didn’t start on time. AND some lady was on her cell phone a lot, holding two microphones. One of the SF Browncoats made us privy to a small amount of info from the other screenings. Turns out Joss was in Vegas and Morena (Inara) and Sean (Simon) were in Boston. Looked like we might get two actors of our own!

Sure enough, a bit later Gina Torres (Zoe) and Alan Tudyk (Wash) walked in to huge cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd. My wife was hoping for Gina and Laurence (Fishburne) to show up, I was thinking it would be Nathan (Fillion) and Alan… so we were both about half right.

Gina and Alan thanked us for being there, said they hadn’t seen this cut of the film and were planning to watch it with us, then stick around for a bit for questions. Joss then showed up on the big screen, to blame us if it sucks.

We then sat back and watched River Tam come into her own, Shepard Book make us believe, Simon and Kaylee make mention of some unmentionables, Jayne Cobb live like cockroaches and Cher (those were Gina’s words), Zoe and Mal aiming to misbehave, Wash fly the ship like a leaf in the wind and Inara… well… she looked pretty.

Two hours or so of great storytelling, with a wonderful cast. It’ll be great to see the finished product 4,999,999 more times in the theaters this fall.

After the film (with no end credits) came a question and answer session that included such questions as “Why?” “Who would win in a fight, Godzilla or (some other lizard like monster I assume whose name started with a G)?” “What do you guys think of fandom? (with reference to Alan’s role in 28 Days and Gina’s role on Cleopatra 2525)” Lots of questions that were kind of… well… not very smart for what I would have thought to have been a very smart audience.

As parting gifts, Alan and Gina had pre-signed the OTHER cast promo flats, which were given out at Comic Con but NOT at WonderCon. Lots of copies to go around, so we each got one… we also got Serenity/Can’t Stop the Signal keychains.

It is an excellent movie, by far the best $20 I’ve ever spent on a film… and the series can’t die, because it is so very pretty.

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