finally destroyed

so the past two nights were the nine inch nails shows at the warfield. they were the official first two shows of the with_teeth live tour. Got a couple of posters and a t-shirt the first night and a free postcard and sticker on the way out the door. the dresden dolls opened up with around a 35 minute or so set. pretty much your basic dresden dolls set… almost identical to when we saw them in december in san jose (you may recall the story when we were treated like royalty by the brigade). i’m still of the opinion that the drummer is a great drummer and would probably be better suited in another environment. otherwise, they are a marginally better opener than carre’ callaway.

the first show i got bored and started imagining what it may be like a few years from now when vienna teng and jim batcho go on tour, just the two of them. the second show, i watched one of nin’s guitar techs move guitars around on the side of the stage while the dresden dolls played. they are talented musicians, just not really anything that i enjoy.

the nin shows were both great. the band sounds much better with a small amount more “experience” together. the first show was identical to the second london astoria show, which was a mix of old and new songs focusing on some of trent’s “favorites”. i finally got to see nine inch nails play gave up live, in front of me… even though i was way up in the top of the upper balcony. the second show was more new album focused, same as their fresno and first london astoria shows with the addition of getting smaller, which they had also played at the davis show i attended last month.
they are starting to experiment a bit and trent and aaron both had a chance to break shit in san francisco. trent even commented “oops. i forgot how much fun it is to break shit.” after he went crazy during gave up on night one. aaron knocked over a few amps with his mic stand to end the second show.

i like the actual tour dates shirt much better than the cheap feeling shirt i got in davis. i had a great time at all three shows, and hope the setlist changes a bit before they return in the fall.

bought some stickers from an upstart entrepreneur (read: homeless man) who stole them from the pile of promotional stuff that was supposed to be passed out for free after the show. he sold them 5 for $1. bought my wife a bootleg t-shirt for $10 as well. she traded some channel 104.9 stickers for a live 105 t-shirt. all in all we made out well… first experiences in the balcony at the warfield went well. the second to the last row for audioslave doesn’t seem so bad.

tomorrow night is the chemical brothers and new order in oakland. then sometime this weekend i’m trading nin dvds with someone. other than that the weekend should consist of a lot of sleep, lounging around and maybe video games.

my japanese import of with teeth arrived today.

6 days til serenity…

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