They said “We will destroy you…”

Trent Reznor stated that the new album [(a)With(a)_Teeth(a)] was going to be “Twelve good punches to the face” when it was till called bleedthrough in an interview. He also stated about the current concert tour “We will destroy you.”

So far, it is a bit less destroying than I expected.

Last night’s show in Davis was more like “We want to walk up to you, shake your hand, thank you for coming and play some rock music.” than “DESTROY”. The new songs sound more like “Let’s go out for a cup of coffee” than “PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH” (i’ve only heard seven of the sixteen tracks that are going to be on the japanese release, so I can only count seven punches).

At any rate, it was my first nin show and I’ve been a fan since 1990. They played some great tracks, but after listening to the Fresno live recording that was posted by an excellent taper on easytree, I think I would have liked that show a bit more.

The guitar was a bit lost in the mix (by lost I mean, not really all that hearable), the bass and drums were great. Alessandro’s keyboard mad skillz were there, especially during The Hand That Feeds. Trent’s guitar sounded fine when he played it, maybe Aaron is just more concerned with jumping off large stacks of amps than playing loud music… it just wasn’t that loud.

It was a tiny venue. It was an interesting place to see my favorite band for the first time. Major complaints for the night were a) people yelling stupid shit out in the middle of songs, b) people smoking in an indoor venue that is meant to be a lecture hall, not a concert hall most of the time, c) people talking throughout the quiet songs/new songs… especially during the really quiet keyboard break of With Teeth, d) my wife’s recording didn’t turn out… she used different mics and a battery box than normal, and the levels were just WAY too low… oh well, someone else’s recording would have been better anyway, but we had a good spot… but we still had a bunch of idiot people around us yelling and talking through the good parts so… anyway…

They opened the show with The Frail/The Wretched, which really works and was awesome. They played a bunch of new songs, which I had never heard before. They were not little ants on a stage at an arena. They played a couple of “rarer” live songs. They rocked. Uh… I dunno, it was a good concert, I’m glad I have tickets to two nights at the Warfield, but… I think the album listening party might be louder and more fun in the end on the 30th.

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