Super Bowl Commercials

I’ve decided to rank the Super Bowl Commercials that I liked.

Favorite ads:

1. “Guilty” – Ameriquest: In this one a guy is cooking dinner for his significant other. When the door opens, her cat is startled, spilling the sauce all over the place. When she walks in, he has the cat (covered in sauce) in one hand and a knife in the other.

2. “P Diddy” – Diet Pepsi: An ad starring P. Diddy, who arrives at an awards show in a Diet Pepsi truck, spawning the rest of the “hip” people at the awards show to buy and drive Diet Pepsi trucks.

3. “Dinner” – Mastercard: Lots of classic cartoon product pitchmen get together for dinner. Priceless.

Biggest disappointments:

1. “MC Hammer” – Lays: Bringing back MC Hammer in his “U Can’t Touch This” outfit complete with the same hairdo, then “throwing him back” over the neighbor’s wall… very disappointing.

2. “The Muppets Dippin’ Sticks” – Pizza Hut: They say Miss Piggy has been dipping into the sauce lately. I say that last year’s 4 mini-pizza commercial was much better.

3. “‘Beautiful’ Women” – Sauce/Carl’s Jr: So now sex sells domain reservation, tabasco sauce and hamburgers?

And just WHY did they have to show the lame Ford Mustang ad over and over and over and over again?

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