King and Queen for an hour (or two)

Last night, to escape some drama in our lives, my wife and I went to the Channel 104.9 4th Birthday Party at Zoe Nightclub in San Jose.

Because we are lazy, we took a couple of bar stools and put them in the center of the floor to serve as our seats for the night.

The Dresden Dolls somehow acquire some performers as volunteers at each of their shows to provide entertainment of sorts to the other fans in the audience. Because we were in the middle of a crowd of standing people, sitting down, they interacted with us several times throughout the night.

At one point, the performer dressed as a cat asked if we wanted to be in the front row and then moved us around 4 inches forward on the floor. A few minutes later, another performer asked us to move to 7 inches to the right. The cat moved us back to the middle and the first act, Ama came on stage. The cat moved the standing crowd out of our way so that we could get a great view of the stage from our front row seats. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t take her very seriously and quickly closed back in.

Later, the cat introduced us as the king and queen to other guests at the party. She asked that we wave with a royal wave. Later, she brought out another performer dressed as a dog and presented him as a pet for us. Collective Soul’s Joel and Ed came out and did an acoustic set, during which the cat tried unsuccessfully to again get to the front of the crowd. One gentleman seemed to genuinely be upset with her. She eventually came back to me and said “Okay, he says if you want to be in the front row, he’s strong enough to hold you on his shoulders. So if you want to move…” I replied “Maybe later” with a smile.

Between the Collective Soul set and the Dresden Dolls the performers came back out and spun us on our stools to the tune of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. The Dresden Dolls played for a little over an hour, most of which included a really weird guy behind us trying to sing along to songs he’d never heard before and commenting about how Amanda was so hot she was burning his eyebrows off. He also talked about how he regretted not bringing his recorder (pretty much into my wife’s microphones) and after the show, he pretty much stalked her and offered cash for a copy of the show. Fortunately, we’re never interested in profitting from work that is not ours to sell, and my wife had the sense to get out of the club before the really strange guy pursued her further.

The show was fun, allowed for a bit of escape, and best of all… it was free!

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